Our goal is to provide quality shipping services to the residence of Canada at an affordable price. We offer various shipping and packaging options that can easily fit any budget. You can be rest assured that we will take the utmost care of your packages or parcels from pickup to delivery.

Air Freight

At Gerais cargo we strive to simplify your air shipping experience and also make it affordable.  We offer fast and convenient services within Canada anywhere in the world. We are known for our excellent customer care and personal attention to every shipment, be it:

  • General Cargo
  • Perishables (Food, Flowers, Dry-Ice Shipments)
  • Personal Effects
  • Exhibition products
  • Oversized Cargo
  • Dangerous/Hazardous Goods
  • Human Remains/Ashes
  • Valuables (Gold, Silver, Diamonds etc.)
  • Pets (Live Animals)
  • Full container service (FCL, Flat rack, Open top, Ro Ro, LCL,
  • Automobiles and Bulk cargo)
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical supplies

We also handle domestic air freight within Canada and across the border to USA. For cargo within Canada and the USA, we offer our customers additional convenience of dropping off your shipment at one of our warehouses located in major cities in Canada and the USA. We can also pick up your air cargo from your business premises or residence at an additional cost.
Our International air cargo services include:

  • Door to airport service
  • Airport to airport service

We also offer the added convenience of combining international air freight services with our trucking services for additional savings and convenience to our valued customers.
Our experienced staff is always available to offer you the best options for your air cargo, be it regular or over-sized freight. We are known for our excellent customer care and personal attention to every shipment. Our staff will be always on hand to assist you with any kind of document preparation.
In a highly volatile market, we keep track of constant rate changes offered by various airlines and are there to offer our customers the best and most current competitive rates. We also make sure your air freight is moved by direct flights giving our customers the shortest transit time.

Ocean Freight

Gerais Cargo has vast experience and expertise in ocean freight across the globe from Canada We offer you, our customer, the best prices due to the volume of business we do. We further reduce your shipping cost by shipping via consolidated containers. This allows us to ship your cargo in larger containers along with other cargo thereby reducing cost further.

We can handle all your export processing and documentation.

Our ocean freight services include door to port and port to port delivery.

Gerais cargo offers convenient shipping to various locations around the world from Canada and North America. We can also pick up from your business premises at a nominal additional cost. We move all kinds of cargo provided they are properly packaged – boxed, crated or palletized.


Gerais Cargo provides one of the most competitive rates for courier across the globe. Be it domestic, international, or any other kind of courier you can trust  to Gerais Cargo offer you the most efficient, economical & quick option.

We have the best rates with major international carriers due to the volume of business we generate. At Gerais Cargo we make sure the customer gets the benefit of the low rates we get offered by these carriers.

At Gerais cargo, the customer always comes first, so you can trust us with your courier. Our experienced & helpful team will work with you, the customer all the way to ensure they get a top quality courier service that they need & deserve.

We Offer:

  • Door to Door Courier Services
  • Air Parcel Shipping
  • International Courier Services
  • National/Domestic Courier Services

Gerais cargo will be a partner with you, providing a reliable and quick courier services. We will ensure that you receive the lowest courier charges and the best and quickest courier service.

Please contact Gerais Cargo for all kinds of domestic and international courier shipment. For the best customer care, personalized services, after-hour services at the best price, you can trust Gerais Cargo


Proper packing and shipping are essential for ensuring that goods reach their destination safely and securely Gerais Cargo’s team of skilled packers use high-quality, tested packing materials to ensure that your shipments are well-protected during transit.

Our packers are experienced in packing a wide variety of items, including fragile, hazardous, and oversized cargo. They use the appropriate packing methods and materials for each type of shipment, ensuring that your goods are secure and protected from damage.

In addition to using the best packing materials, our team also labels and documents shipments correctly, ensuring that your cargo is properly identified and tracked throughout the shipping process.

Proper documentation is essential for successful international shipping, as it helps to ensure that shipments are cleared through customs and delivered to their intended destinations in a timely and efficient manner. Each country has its own unique documentation requirements for inbound shipments, and it is important to be familiar with these requirements in order to avoid delays or other issues.


At our company, we offer expert guidance and assistance with documentation to ensure that our customers’ shipments are properly prepared and processed. Some of the key documents that are typically required for international shipping include the following:

  • A Bill of Lading (BOL) or Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI): This document is issued by the carrier and serves as a contract between the shipper and the carrier, outlining the terms and conditions of the shipment. It also serves as a receipt for the goods being shipped.
  • A commercial invoice: This document provides detailed information about the goods being shipped, including the quantity, value, and origin of the goods. It is typically required for customs clearance purposes.
  • A packing list: This document provides a detailed list of the items being shipped, including the quantity and weight of each item. It is often used in conjunction with commercial invoices to help with customs clearance.
  • A certificate of origin: This document is used to certify the country of origin of the goods being shipped. It is often required by customs officials in order to determine the applicable tariffs and duties.

In addition to these documents, there may be other documentation requirements depending on the specific circumstances of the shipment. Our team of experts is well-versed in the documentation requirements for various countries and can provide expert guidance to ensure that our customers have all the necessary documentation for their shipments

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